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About us

In modern times, air pollution has risen to a dangerous level. According to CPCB, air quality has been consistently poor, months after months and it is affecting every individual adversely with every breathe they take. From waiting at the signal to walking on the road, from working in the office to relaxing in your home, you can be a victim of polluted air every moment. With contamination of air on the rise, it is a need of the hour to have a comprehensive, innovative air decontamination solution to filter out airborne pollutants, harmful bacteria, and microbial particles. We understand the problem, and we have devised a solution for the problem.

Carbon hubs is a clean-tech company pushing the boundaries of air decontamination through its diverse products. 

As our name suggests, Carbon Hubs is a hub of air purification devices which contains the air pollutants. Our no-touch devices capture the particulate matter, abduct microbial particles, and disinfect the surroundings with high efficiency (up to 99.7%).

From the day of inception of Carbon Hubs, we are committed to offering clean air, healthy living and eco-friendly surroundings to everyone has helped our customers to discover their world of pure air and blissful living.

Our Philosophy

Bring life to cleanest air. Lead life to purest air.

Our Vision

To step beyond the boundaries of existing air purification technologies and expand the horizons of pure and healthy indoor air through consistent innovation, intelligent designs, and energy-efficient engineered solutions.

Our Mission

To unleash the potential of air filtration innovation and let everyone breathe decontaminated, pure air through micro-particles and particulate matter containment with highest, yet affordable, air purification solutions driven by innovation, integrity, and teamwork.

Why Carbon hubs

Indoor air quality can be 2-5 times worse than outdoor air quality according to US EPA. We understand the harmful effects the pollutants in the air can cause on you, your family and your loved ones, your workforce and your customers, and personal and professional acquaintances. We care for you.

For Business Space

We know if your workforce loves their workspace a little more, they can work a lot more. This depends on creating a healthy environment for your workforce. A fresh and pure air to breathe can keep your work warriors energetic, flex their creativity while boosting the work efficiency. In other words, clean air to breathe can augment the productivity.

For Homes

It is said There is no place like home. It is where love resides, memories created and, families belong. But what if the air you breathe in such a place is contaminated with particulate matters and microbes? Our product range helps you deal with it and provide your family and your loved ones with clean and decontaminated air to breathe.

With our NextGen air decontamination technology, we are reinventing clean and healthy air. We capture particulate and microbial matter. We kill microbes and purify the air. We curb the spread of infection caused by microbes. We offer clean air to breathe and a safe world to live.

What makes us unique?

  • Clean Air: Consistently decontaminates impure air and kills a broad spectrum of harmful microbes.
  • High filtration efficiency: Cleans the area within 8 – 10  minutes with 99.7% accuracy.
  • User Friendly: Simple plug-and-play device with easy to use features.
  • Safety: Causes no harmful effects. Hence, safe to use around kids and elderly members of the family.
  • Anywhere anytime: Install and use it either in residential space or commercial space or predominantly microbes infected areas.
  • Money-back guarantee: Buy with peace of mind with our 20-day money-back guarantee.

How Does it Work

How Does it Work

Our patent-pending, latest air decontamination technology absorbs impure air, allows it to pass through multiple layers of filtration, and provide you with breathable, pure air.

With our innovative engineering minds, we have devised products to everyone’s need. From industry area(up to 4000 sqft) to business space (1500 – 2000 sqft), to beautiful homes (650 to 1000 sqft), our product range helps you resolve air pollution problems.

Our Range of Products for Your Every Need!


“A healthy community is a happy community”

Turbo-X is an ultimate solution for your community/industrial air filtration needs. It purifies air up to 3600 sq ft and keeps the entire community healthy and happy.

Mini Fleet

“Pure environment for a productive workforce”

Our preeminent air filtration solution, Mini Fleet, can purify the air up to 1000 sqft. The decontaminated air keeps you and your workforce in your organisation hearty and lively.


Are you concerned about unsanitised materials? Worry not! We have got you covered! With our highly effective Carboven System, you can clean the surface of daily use materials such as packages, files, postal covers, and other accessories.

The working of the product is simple. Put the unsanitised material in the Carboven. Our product disinfects, sterilises and offers you a safe material

Micro Fleet

“A healthful family is a true wealth”

Our highly efficient air purification and decontamination system filters the air up to 650 sq ft. Our pure air offers health in every breath they take

Installation Process

Step 1
Reach out to us for a product demo

Step 2
Our expert team will evaluate the air quality and provide consultation on installation and the location to install

Step 3
Real-time air monitoring will be captured and shown to you during installation

Step 4
Let the clean air in and experience healthy living with your loved ones.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today, book for demo,  and breathe the purest air with our decontamination technology. 


Our Associations

DERBI Foundation, LemonIdeas, Madras School of Social Work, Medreich, St. John’s School

Our Eco-system

Awards and Certification

  • Model United Nations
  • Vidhya Prathiba State Award
  • Karnataka Elevate Unnati
  • Lemon Ideas
  • T-Hubs
  • IIIT Mandi Catalyst

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